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If you want to book your event or Loxone training on the Loxone Campus, please inform us beforehand by sending us the form below. Please let us know how many single and double rooms you need, as our contingent is limited (don’t forget a room for your trainer).

After evaluating these information, we will send you an offer.

Please note that this offer is non-binding. We will keep this offer on option up to 4 weeks. Until this period we guarantee the offered services. If we do not receive any feedback by this time, we reserve the right to offer the services elsewhere.

As soon as we get a feedback on whether you want to fix the event, we will confirm your booking. With the booking you will also receive further information to arrange the details. From this moment you can advertise your event, seminar, training,…!

The process in short:

  1. Send us the form below
  2. Wait for our offer
  3. Confirm our offer
  4. Wait for the booking confirmation
  5. Start advertising your event

Thank you for keeping our booking process clean to ensure your event as easy as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to the Loxone Campus 💚


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Internal Bookings

Do I have to take care of the room booking for my event participants?
How long will the rooms remain reserved for my event?
What happens if we can’t use the entire room contingent?
Where can my guests go for dinner in the evening?