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Facts & Inspiration around the Loxone Campus

Those who achieve all their goals have set them too low.

That definitely wouldn’t happen to us. The Loxone Group is one of the fastest growing companies in the area of ​​house and building automation. As a result, there have been new challenges in recent years: an increasing need for employees as well as more space for training and accommodation for our guests. In 2018, the idea of ​​the Loxone Campus was born. Here, we will unite what is important to us in the future: modern jobs and unique seminar rooms as well as excellent gastronomy, a relaxing wellness area and high-quality hotel rooms that leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort. And all of this embedded in a beautiful landscape. This makes the Loxone Spirit noticeable in a unique way – for our customers and for our guests.

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Story and Idea

We haven’t written history yet. We are too young for that. But we have big plans and want to show how a seminar hotel can be: natural, contemporary, calm and yet full of energy, humble and with plenty of space for inspiration. Because inspiration is our most valuable energy source – and we would like to give others the gift to enjoy inspiration.

At the Loxone Campus, we’ve created the perfecr environment for great ideas and exchange of knowledge that we were looking for elsewhere without success. Here at Loxone. we are especially good at this: we see a need and quickly develop the right solutions. The results speak for themselves, because we know what is important and what it takes to get there. This applies to our house and building automation just as much as it does to the hotel. We travel a lot and have seen a lot. Our experiences combined with our enthusiasm for architecture is the basis of our Loxone Campus.

Martin Öller


“The Loxone Campus is an extraordinary place for our guests, Loxone partners and employees worldwide. Be it the architecture, landscape or equipment including the latest building technology: The Loxone Campus is a source of inspiration and a lighthouse project that shows how intelligent buildings can enrich your life and work. ” (Martin Öller, CEO Loxone Group)

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Curious what is happening on our construction site? Here, you can find all updates and can take a look behind the scenes of our unique project.

Rückblick: Open Day


Open Day

Our open house day was a great success, and we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated! If you missed the event, don’t worry – you’re always welcome to visit our Experience Zone or Glorious Bastards to get a glimpse into our world. 😃

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Open Day

On Sunday, September 17, the open day at the Loxone Campus will take place with the kind support of the Kollerschläger associations. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch! 💚

Fitnessgeräte von TechnoGym


TechnoGym Fitness Equipment

The latest fitness equipment is now available in our fitness area. With this magnificent view, you’ll be motivated to get active 💪

Pool füllt sich


The Pool Fills Up

Soon our guests can relax and unwind in the outdoor infinity pool 🤩

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Am Campus

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Campus Hotel Kellner

Werden Sie Teil der Inspiration

Es sind Menschen, die Ideen haben, und Menschen, die Ideen verwirklichen. Darum ist es auch das Team, das unseren Loxone Campus zu dem macht, was er ist: etwas Besonderes! Hier arbeiten alle zusammen, um Inspiration und Genuss möglich zu machen – mit Leidenschaft, ehrlicher Begeisterung und ganz viel Herz. Lust bekommen, Teil unseres Teams zu werden? Perfekt, wir freuen uns auf Ihre Unterstützung.


Heutzutage hat doch jeder, was er braucht. Schenken Sie Zeit zum Genießen, Inspirieren lassen oder Entspannen.