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Located on the green hills of Kollerschlag, the Basecamp is a part of the new Loxone Campus. The Basecamp offers the perfect location for office, fitness center, doctor’s office, massage studio, fashion house, studio, sales room, and much more. With a total area of more than 1.000 m2 you can rent the whole building or parts of it. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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With the completion of the Loxone Campus, Loxone Electronics moves and makes the Basecamp available for rent. As a tenant, you will benefit from modern equipment, innovative design and intelligent building automation.

The smart energy management helps you to keep the additional costs low: automated temperature management, precise energy use, natural cooling with groundwater and much more ensure the optimal use of energy.

Another plus is the immediate proximity to the Loxone Campus. Accommodate your business guests in the Loxone Campus Hotel or communicate the delicious lunch menu in the Glorious Bastards as a benefit to your employees.

Loxone Campus_Basecamp



Currently used as an office, the building can be adapted to the needs of your company thanks to its flexible design – whether office, fitness center, medical practice, salesroom, studio or law office.

Rent the entire building or parts of it. Structural adaptations are also possible on request.

Basecamp Overview

Currently, the Basecamp is used as an office, which is divided into two levels: General space and space for training or meetings on the first floor and large open space on the upper floor.

Open space on the upper floor in m2

A self-developed acoustic concept allows the use of the large, open area on the upper floor. The area is also suitable for the presentation of products such as clothing, furniture equipment, as a gym or also as a doctor’s office.

General area on the first floor in m2

Use the space flexibly: as a restaurant, as an event location, for meetings. The mobile furniture allows a quick and easy rearrangement of the space.

Area for trainings, meetings, events,… in m2

The room on the first floor is top equipped with beamer and screen as well as automated features of the building automation.

More Basecamp Facts & Figures

Did you know that there is not a single button in the Basecamp? The building automatically detects situations such as presence, room temperature, and more.

There’s plenty to say about the Basecamp. We have summarized the most important facts for you:

  • Close proximity to the Loxone Campus
  • Two floors with common areas and open spaces
  • Subdivision of areas or structural adjustments are possible
  • Fiber optic connection
  • Heating via local district heating
  • Cooling with ground water source and automatic shading
  • Specially developed acoustic concept
  • High quality interior and technical equipment
  • Most flexible room design in all areas of the Basecamp
  • Open space & playground e.g. for events
  • Use of energy-saving LED lighting
  • Intelligent building automation including numerous functions around security, burglary protection, light control, automatic shading, music, energy management and much more.


Are you interested in renting the Basecamp or parts of it? We are happy to arrange an appointment and answer your questions.

Regina Eder

Loxone Gebäude GmbH